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newbb电子平台 Safety "MAX" We Protect People

newbb电子平台 Safety respects the privacy of your and our own personal information.
We make every effort to ensure we only collect minimal information in order to provide quality service while maximizing the protection of personal information and data.

What information does newbb电子平台 Safety collect?

We may collect anonymous statistical behavioral data to be able to provide better business practices and relevant content to our website visitors.

We may collect the following pieces of personal data only when supplied at the consent of the visitor:

  1. Personal Name
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Contact Email Address
  4. Business Name
  5. Business Address
  6. IP Address

Personal information is only input in to the system at the consent of the user during the submission of a “Lead" or “Purchase" form and is retained for the purpose of providing feedback, completing a sales request, or future marketing initiatives.

newbb电子平台 Safety systems are maintained and operated by newbb电子平台 Safety employees and any and all data is retained within the enterprise not accessible to any third-party provider or individual. We do not sell or market any personal information.

At no point does newbb电子平台 Safety store any payment information, whether Credit Card, Payment Card, Bank Account, or any other form of payment method.

How does newbb电子平台 Safety use browser cookies?

newbb电子平台 Safety uses standard secure browser cookies similarly to most websites today; to enhance the user experience and provide the best business services possible. We limit the use of 3rd party cookies for anonymous statistical tracking only. No personal information is ever transmitted to a 3rd party.

Website cookies are required to maintain a "logged-in" state and provide proper user security and authentication to restricted areas of the website including the Distributor Tools and the Online Customer Service Portal "Max's Toolbox".

Consent and user preferences are confirmed by the visitor upon the first visit to the site. Cookies, at any time, can be deleted or turned off within the visitors private browser.

What does newbb电子平台 Safety do with my information?

newbb电子平台 Safety employees and its systems collect personal information to provide business automation of sales/order fulfillment, advertisement and marketing, and maintaining business relationship contacts. newbb电子平台 Safety does not sell nor promote any personal information outside the enterprise for any reason.

We take several precautions to ensure to ensure your data is not subject to unauthorized access. Some of the steps we take include, but are not limited to:

  • Encrypting, where possible, data when it is not being transmitted (at rest).
  • Encrypting data during transmission.
  • Ensuring our staff are constantly made aware of their responsibilities towards protecting data and only allowing access to necessary information as it pertains to individual jobs and responsibilities.

How long does newbb电子平台 Safety keep my information?

newbb电子平台 Safety is required to retain historical sales and transactional information for a period of at least seven (7) years. All other data, not specifically related to sales or transactional data is held for a period of at least one (1) year. newbb电子平台 Safety will continue to adopt industry standards and best practices for system and data security to ensure all data retained for business purposes and held and maintained in a secure and logical manner.

How can I opt-out or update my information?

Any individual wishing to anonymize themselves from newbb电子平台 Safety records can submit an emailed request to Upon receipt of the request, all personal identifiable information will be removed from all systems within the newbb电子平台 Safety enterprise, except in the specific case where newbb电子平台 Safety is legally bound to retain said information, within 72 hours of the request. The initiator will receive a confirmation email when the information has been removed. This same request can apply to any individual wishing to update, retrieve, erase, or restrict processing of their personal identifiable information at newbb电子平台 Safety.

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